Feeding can involve sensory processing, motor and behaviors

Feeding challenges can include food refusal, food sensitivities, fear of swallowing (phagophobia), difficulty swallowing (dysphagia), "failure to thrive," and others. A child’s oral motor, sensory and communication skills may have an impact. As a result, many “behaviors” may also be expressed during mealtime.

Our therapists utilize many approaches and individualize the treatment for the child and family, including: Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) feeding approach (Kay Toomey), Food Chaining (Fraker, Fishbein, Cox, Walbert) and general sensory integration and oral-motor techniques. We can help families with positioning and adaptive equipment, implement feeding routines and cues, reinforcement programs and behavioral strategies.  We also work with children who have allergies/food sensitivities or who receive NG-and G-tube feedings.