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Starting Services


Screening / Evaluation

Some families start with a Developmental Screening to determine if an evaluation or other services are recommended. This 15 minute appointment intended to give families some education and guidance on their child's development, next steps or recommendations and activities to help promote their skills. 

An Evaluation is necessary for insurance reimbursement and to develop a "plan of treatment", including goals and other recommendations.  A licensed speech/language pathologist will evaluate your child in a child-friendly environment.  Parents know their child best and many are concerned how will my child do during the evaluation. Parents complete a questionnaire prior to the evaluation which is reviewed by the evaluating therapists.  Parents can accompany their child into the evaluation as well.  We use standardized assessment tools, as well as clinical observations.  You will receive a written report with goals and recommendations, which may be share with you child's pediatrician, teachers or other providers.  Following an evaluation, ongoing therapy can be scheduled as recommended. 


Scheduling / Billing / Documentation

Our office staff works with you to schedule your Evaluation. This is typically with the therapists who’s availability coordinates with your family’s schedule so your child can start to build that rapport with him/her. The therapist will contact you prior to the session to introduce him/herself and learn more about your child.

Our office staff will assist you in verifying your insurance benefits

Our office will send you an email with a link to our patient dashboard. You will need to log in and complete the forms prior to your first appointment.

You will use this system throughout your child’s time in therapy to receive reports/daily notes, as well as be able to make payments and update information.



Our goal is to assist your child to develop the skills to be more independent, confident and successful.