Billing discounts may be available to families who do not submit to insurance and pay out of pocket (see below)*

Speech/language and/or feeding evaluation


Individual session with child and family for interview and review of other medical, clinical and/or educational information; observation; informal evaluation and possible administration of with formal assessment tools.  More than one session may be necessary and additional sessions will be billed as treatment (see below). A written summary report will be prepared following the evaluation, which will include evaluation results and recommendations.

Speech/language individual treatment session


Direct speech, language voice, communication and/or auditory processing treatment, documentation and caregiver education.  

Feeding and swallowing individual treatment session


Direct feeding and swallowing treatment, documentation and caregiver education.

Group treatment programs


**Cost of group sessions may vary based on duration, frequency and child/adult ratio.  Tuition, payment plans and/or billing discount may be payment options for these programs to families who submit directly to insurance or do not submit to insurance and pay out of pocket

A group is considered three or more children per therapist. Children are matched with appropriate peers based on identified family’s goals and the children’s needs, strengths, interests, body organization and what their language level is so that optimal interactions can be facilitated.  Multi-disciplinary professionals may participate to incorporate appropriate supports and enhance skill development.  While our groups incorporate specific skills, many of them will have a social component to them as well.  However some of the groups will not work on social skills, but a group environment can be used as a motivational strategy.  

Consultative Services 


Appointments scheduled for observation, interaction and/or discussion with child’s family or another professional regarding a specific treatment approach and/or specific clinical concern (e.g., educational placement) and/or IEP meetings.

Off-site treatment sessions


Session which occurs outside of the clinic, including home, daycare and/or school setting.

Therapeutic Materials

Cost and availability varies 

Some therapeutic materials may be available to purchase at the time of your child’s session.   Please talk with your child’s therapist about the availability and specific costs of the desired material(s).  Payment is expected upon receipt of the material(s) and will not be invoiced. Families may also purchase materials directly from other retailers.  

Equipment Rental

Cost and availability varies 

Some therapeutic equipment, including but not limited to Therapeutic Listening equipment and cds, may be available to for families to “rent”.  A “Rental Agreement” must be on file with an updated credit card. Families must be monitored by a trained therapist.  Equipment may also be purchased directly from Vital Sounds or other retailers.  Payment is expected upon receipt of the equipment and will not be invoiced.

Preventative and Wellness Services

Cost and availability varies 

Developmental programs designed to improve the health and well-being of infants, children, and adolescents.  Please contact us for a list of current programs.

Developmental screening

No charge

Scheduled appointment, typically 15-20 minutes, for recommendations regarding additional evaluations, treatment, group participation and/or referrals to other professionals.  Family may receive a written summary of findings, recommendations, referrals and/or developmental information.

Early Intervention (EI) Services

As authorized by Child and Family Connections

Program for qualifying children birth to three years of age through Illinois Department of Human Services.  More information or referral information may be obtained from Child and Family Connections at 847-377-8911.  Children older than three years of age may be eligible for school services to meet their educational needs.

Cancellation Policy

$25 for “no-show” and/or 25% or more cancelled sessions and less than 24 hour notice

Families with an attendance rate of less than 75% will be notified of their status and will be charged $25 for future missed appointments with less than 24 hours’ notice.  If a family “no-shows” for their appointment, they will be charged $25 regardless of cancellation rate.  If the child wakes up sick or there is inclimate weather, please contact the office before 8:30am and each circumstance will be taken into consideration before charging a late fee.


•Family/“Responsible Party” is responsible for the total amount of any charges for services provided.

• Payment is due at the time of service for evaluations and consultations, unless otherwise agreed upon.   

• Payment for other services is expected within 30 days after the invoice date, which are sent monthly.  If an invoice remains unpaid for 60 days, the ‘responsible party’ understands and gives Pediatric Interactions Inc. permission to automatically bill the credit card on file for the total amount due.  Services may be placed on “hold” until balance is settled.

•Cash, checks, or credit cards (Visa and Master Card) are accepted payment options. Automatic payment, via credit card, can occur each billing period.  A receipt will be sent along with the paid invoice.

• Billing discounts may be available to families who submit directly to insurance or do not submit to insurance and pay out of pocket**

• If you have any questions regarding an invoice, payment or current balance, please contact our billing department at 847-223-7433, ext. 101 or