What should my child be doing?

Children develop skills at different rates, however, families want to make sure their child is "on-track" and not missing any important milestones. Download Communication milestones for your child’s age which you can use as a reference. We can answer questions and talk about any concerns you may have during a free developmental screening.

What is a Developmental Screening?

If you are not sure what your child should be doing at his/her age or have some concerns regarding their development, you can schedule an appointment for a free developmental and speech/language screenings for children birth to approximately 12 years of age.  

A developmental screening is intended to give families some education and guidance on their child's development, next steps or recommendations and activities to help promote their skills. You won't have to wait long, as appointments are typically scheduled within a week. During the 15 minute appointment, a licensed and credentialed therapist will review a questionnaire completed by a caregiver and interact with the child. Families will receive written recommendations, referrals and/or developmental information as appropriate.  

To schedule, please fill out this form, email or call us at 847-223-7433.

Once a screening has been scheduled, you can download the forms to complete prior to the appointment or they will be emailed to you.  

Schedule My Child’s Free Screening

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Our therapist was very helpful with the information given to us 3/23/2018
Very friendly staff, wonderful patience and great interactions with my son. Thank you for the evaluation 3/24/2017
Our therapist was very nice and helpful 12/26/2016
Wonderful screener, great experience 10/10/2016
Very informative in giving me tools and exercises to use and do during daily routine tasks. 8/18/2015
Our therapist was very kind and asked if we had any questions repeatedly, which was helpful. 5/5/2015