Please speak with your child's therapist if you are looking for a referral for a doctor, dentist, mental health provider, nutritionist, educational consultant, attorney, advocate or other professional. We work with a variety of professionals that may be able to help your family.

Physical and Occupational Therapy Services

Pediatric Interactions is a specialized clinic, providing speech/language/feeding and developmental therapies.  We collaborate with other disciplines, specifically occupational and physical therapists to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for the children we work with.  Therapists at Pediatric Interactions, Little Heroes Pediatric Physical Therapy and Therapeutic Links Pediatric Occupational Therapy regularly meet to discuss shared clients, participate in continuing education experiences and coordinate family's scheduling. In addition, most of our groups are multi-disciplinary and we do co-treatment sessions with the these disciplines.

Early Intervention (EI)

Infants/toddlers from birth to 3 years of age may qualify for EI services.  Find out more information about this program.

Resource Library

We offer a wide variety of reference books and videos/DVDs that offer additional information to families regarding a variety of disabilities and treatment approaches. We also have a variety of therapeutic toys and materials that may be available to borrow or purchase for your child's continued therapeutic experience at home. 

Resources for Reading and Phonological Awareness

Resources for Families Who Homeschool

Resources for Friends with Special Needs

Other Community Supports 

Little Lake County

website by parents, for parents about everything Lake County. There's calendar of events, resources, places to go, seasonal events and so much. 

Twice as Nice Mother & Child

charitable organization in Illinois that strives to ensure that mothers and children have their most basic needs met by providing gently used items and other assistance FREE OF CHARGE.

Katibug Kids  

local foundation serving medically and/or physically fragile children by providing assistance to help meet their needs