Preschool Classroom Screenings

When most families choose a childcare center for their child, they are looking for early learning and developmental programs with high criteria, including facilities that follow the ExceleRate Illinois standards. One of the teaching and learning standards is to provide annual child screenings.

Developmental screenings can identify “red flags” and are often a starting point for the school to have more discussions with families regarding what a child is doing in the classroom. The screening is completed in the classroom by licensed/credentialed professionals (speech/language pathologists and/or developmental therapists). We partner with your staff to identify specific concerns based on developmental milestones and potential red flags. The screening therapist provides ideas to support the child in both school and home. Families have been given the opportunity for more information with an individual screening or an evaluation. Even having ongoing services provided at the school can be beneficial for scheduling and carryover.

Our calendar is filling up fast, please reserve your date/time on the above calendar link (first come/first served). Click the above link to reserve your screening and links to next steps will be available on your appointment confirmation email. After scheduling, we will send you a confirmation letter and additional information.

Once a screening date/time is reserved, Pediatric Interactions will provide the school with the following

  • Family letter to explain the process

  • Teacher letter to explain process

  • Teacher questions for milestones to review. This may help identify children who may not have previously been identified as having “red flags/concerns”

  • Families and/or staff will have the opportunity to complete an online Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) for children who are as identified as possible concerns prior to the screening date.

  • Class list and Screening Summaries

On the day of the scheduled screenings:

  • The screening typically lasts 20-30 minutes per classroom, during which time you can stick to “regular” routine. However, classroom activities that are most conducive to screenings include: table activities (e.g., coloring, cutting), centers, and/or free play. Observation of infant classrooms are more hands-on and involved parent completion of forms in preparation.

  • Screening therapist refers to notes provided by the teacher/staff on the the Class List and completed ASQs. The school and the family will be provided with a Screening Summary and Age-Appropriate Activity Pages for each student. Families may follow up with Pediatric interactions with questions/concerns or for next steps in starting therapy if desired. They are also encouraged to talk to their child’s teacher, preschool director or contact us directly if you have questions or want more information.  

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions or if there are any conflicts with your scheduled screening dates and times.