Lisa Morris,


Lisa grew up in Connecticut, but currently resides in Illinois with her husband, Mike. Mike and Lisa met through a mutual friend, during which time Mike was proudly serving his 10 year career in the United States Navy. Lisa and Mike have been married for over 25 years and look forward to many more years together. Although Lisa’s family is spread out over the east and west coast, Lisa values family and they all remain in touch. Lisa is so very thankful to have her grandbabies, Carter and Aubrey, much closer, as they are her greatest joys. Lisa loves travel and has had the pleasure of visiting France, Israel, Italy and Greece. However, these days Lisa enjoys staying closer to home in the US, where she enjoys visiting the ocean & putting her toes in the sand. While at home, Lisa enjoys practicing her hobby of archery or simply relaxing while watching a good action movie, romantic comedy and the occasional tear jerker. One thing you will NOT find Lisa doing is running. If you find Lisa running, help her, she’s being chased!

Lisa earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the College of St Joseph in Vermont, and her Master’s degree in communication disorders at Southern Connecticut State University. Lisa has been with Pediatric Interactions for over 10 years. She attributes some of her success with Pediatric Interactions to the ability to consult with other professionals in her field and the “feeling of family” among her coworkers. Lisa has worked with a wide variety of populations including: children with autism, Down Syndrome, learning disabilities, hearing impairment, developmental apraxia of speech, and speech and language impairment. She has training in a wide variety of techniques, including Interactive Metronome (IM), core specialist track for the Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI), Rapid Prompt Method (RPM) and has her teaching certification for grades K-12. Lisa says the most rewarding part of her job is helping a child reach their therapy goals and succeed. Just as Lisa has taught the kids she works with, she also feels they have taught her.

Two of my three children have been treated in your Grayslake office (and are still currently being treated). My kiddos are extremely fond of Ms. Lisa and Ms. Marni and very frequently talk about them, which my husband and I love so much! We are grateful for the personal relationship they have formed with our children and are forever grateful for the impact they have made on (our childrens’) life. When (my child) started seeing Ms. Lisa only his father and I could really understand him and he had a difficult time playing with peers because of it and since then we have seen him develop friendships and carry conversation and is so much less frustrated and angry because people can actually understand him and we are so grateful to get to watch that unfold. 2/25/19
Lisa was very helpful with the information given to us 3/23/2018
I will all of you and I know Connor will too. Connor is almost 19 years old and has been with you since he was 3 or 4. You all have watched Connor grow up to a sweet young man. I thank you all for all of your support with everything including IEPs. All of you are exceptional at what you . I wish all of you happiness and health. 2/17/2015
Lisa is great! Couldn’t ask for better. 9/13/2012