Looking for Groups this Summer for Your Child????

Let us know what groups meet your child's needs and family's schedule by completing this brief online survey by April 22 so we can start planning!

Therapy Groups:

Most of our groups are facilitated by a speech-language pathologist with an occupational therapist and/or a developmental therapist.  We also have integrated typical peer models in the group as examples for attention, language and socialization skills

"Monkey Group" (pre-preschool age or "first-time" group)

Preschool alternative or addition to an early childhood or preschool for 

SHOW ME PlayGroup (2-5 year olds and their caregivers)

Weekly group (alternating Friday morning/Wednesday evening) facilitated by a therapist with opportunities for young children to have fun with other kids and families to ask questions.  

Dates listed here. 

Registration not required, but save time and complete the consent form at home. 


Socialization/Communication group goals:

    Turn taking
    Following directions
    Group ideas and problem solving

Feeding group goals:

    Mealtime routines
    Expanding food repertoire
    Using utensils and cups/straws
    Oral motor skills

How can I carryover the group activities at home or in my child’s natural environment?

Written information regarding the therapeutic activities and suggestions for generalization are provided to caregivers following each session. A written summery of your child's individual performance will be provided approximately every 6 weeks. You may contact the therapist directly if you have specific questions or concerns that are not addressed in the weekly summaries.

How does my child join a group?

Groups are formed by the children's needs, strengths and schedule. New client may need to schedule a screening or evaluation prior to participation in any group.  Payment Option Plans are sent to families once the schedule is confirmed. Families participating in the Early Intervention system MUST have the appropriate authorization for services prior to enrolling in the group.

WeeBits Enrichment Classes for Parents and their Infants/Toddlers:  

Mommy Preschool :  Education for you and your child

  • Thematic preschool activities for your child (singing, reading books, arts/crafts, movement)

Signing and Singing :

  • Signing and singing encourages communication, socialization and parents will receive education for home carryover

Infant Massage :

  • Caregiver will learn techniques to enhance infant’s growth/development, stimulate learning, relaxation for sleep and self-calming, relief of common ailments, and interactions that promote bonding and attachment. Find out more Benefits of Infant Massage


  • A new movement class in partnership with Circus Kazoo and Monkey Aerial Arts. Children will learn age appropriate acrobatics as well as fine motor and social skill development. This class has been developed for walkers through 3 years old with their caregivers.