Griselda Gómez, MA, CCC- SLP/L

Griselda is a proud daughter of immigrant parents. Her family migrated here from Mexico in the 80’s. Dad had a degree in Business Administration in Mexico. When the family relocated to the United States, he managed a food truck and eventually received a substitute teaching certificate. Mom earned her Bachelor Degree in Education here in the United States at Illinois State University. Griselda has 2 older brothers who are also involved in Health Care. The whole family enjoys visiting extended family in Mexico and site seeing as often as possible. She loves to walk and play with her two, mischievous, “niece dogs.”

Griselda was raised in Waukegan, IL. She attended Northern Illinois University for her undergraduate degree in Communicative Disorders and minored in Deafness Rehabilitation. She attended Indiana University for her Masters degree in Speech Language Pathology where she also specialized in providing services for Latino children and families (STEPS program). While completing her graduate studies, she had the opportunity to work as a graduate clinician for the Robert L. Milisen Speech and Hearing Clinic in
Bloomington, IN where she gained experience in treating children with articulatory, phonological, and language delays, autism, hearing loss, as well as, diagnosing and treating voice disorders. Prior to joining Pediatric Interactions Griselda worked in a variety of settings including: AmeriCorps as a
curriculum developer, Waukegan Public Schools as K-12 substitute teacher, and Indiana University as an associate instructor. Griselda loves to keep up with things by attending continuing education conferences whenever she can.

Griselda is a connoisseur of pizza, her favorite food. (She even has pizza leggings and pizza socks!) And since she spends time at the gym to become stronger and healthier, she can have as much pizza as she wants. She also enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, going on exciting adventures with him, and of course, eating pizza together.

Griselda is creative and loves to get crafty with her therapy sessions. So if you are lucky enough to work with Griselda, your children will have a fun time with projects like making mud out of cocoa powder and sand out of brown sugar.