What do I do when my child turns 3?

Early Intervention (EI) services end the day of your child's 3rd birthday. Your child's service coordinator should have sent paperwork to your school district to start the transition. This process includes a transition meeting, evaluations and a meeting to develop an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) if your child's delays may potentially impact his/her education. Your child's EI therapists can help you with transition, participating in the meetings with you. Families can download the resource,  "A Guide to the Individualized Education Program".

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What do I do if my insurance changes?

Let your child's therapist and/or our office staff know immediately.  We need to do a verification of your new benefits to determine coverage and/or limitations.  Families will be responsible for the full amount of the billed session if insurance does not cover it.  

Families enrolled in the Early Intervention program should notify your child's therapist and service coordinator regarding any changes.  Sessions may be discontinued due to family’s failure to assist Pediatric Interactions in obtaining reimbursement from insurance and/or Central Billing Office.  A family and the child’s service coordinator will be notified of necessary action that must be taken.  If reimbursement is not obtained within 30 days, a child’s services may be discontinued.  Pediatric Interactions will “hold” a child’s scheduled appointment for 15 days upon receipt of notification regarding a change/stop in authorization for ongoing services from Child and Family Connections (CFC).  Families are encouraged to follow up with their service coordinator and/or CFC management to resolve this matter to avoid discontinuation of services with this provider.  

What do I do if my child is sick or I have to cancel an appointment?

A sick kiddo isn't going to feel like "working" and we don't want to share any illnesses with others.  If you feel your child isn't going to participate in the session or has any symptoms from our Health Policy, please keep them home to rest and get better.  Likewise, to keep our staff health and avoid passing along illnesses to other children, our policy states that they should not be in a home where ANYONE has these symptoms.  Thanks for keeping us all healthy!

To cancel a session, call or email your therapist at least by 8:30 to avoid any charges.  Our Cancellation Policy allows our therapists to schedule a child in that appointment spot, who may have otherwise not received services that week.