What to do if your child has been referred for a speech/language or feeding evaluation or you have concerns about any of the following skills: 

Regulation, Engagement & Relatedness

Foundations for interacting and communicating.

Receptive Language & Processing

The ability to understand spoken or written information, including following directions and answering questions.

Expressive Language

The ability to communicate to express one's perceptions, ideas, feelings or intentions to others through expanded vocabulary and grammatical skills.


The production of speech sounds, voice, fluency and appropriate rhythm.

Oral Motor & Sensory Skills

The physical skills that impact a child's ability to produce speech and can affect feeding/eating habits.

Social Use of Language

The “how' and “why” one communicates, which is impacted by speaker-listener intentions and relations.

Play Skills

The combined use of language, thinking, reasoning and motor skills which is a child's natural medium of self expression.

Independence & Self Help

The development of a positive self-image through the improvement of functional skills such as feeding, dressing, grooming and task completion.





Steps for an initial evaluation:

An initial evaluation is necessary for insurance reimbursement and to develop a "plan of treatment", including goals and other recommendations.  A licensed speech/language pathologist will evaluate your child in a child-friendly environment.  Parents know their child best and many are concerned how will my child do during the evaluation.  Parents complete a questionnaire prior to the evaluation which is reviewed by the evaluating therapists.  Parents can accompany their child into the evaluation as well.  We use standardized assessment tools, as well as clinical observations.  You will receive a written report with goals and recommendations, which may be share with you child's pediatrician, teachers or other providers.  Following an evaluation, ongoing therapy can be scheduled as recommended. 

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a time for you and your child to come and visit the clinic or if you have any questions.  We enjoy meeting the families and allowing them the opportunity to get to know us a little more before starting services.  We look forward to working with you and your family.