What do I do when my child turns 3?!?!

Early Intervention (EI) services end the day of your child's 3rd birthday. Your child's service coordinator should have sent paperwork to your school district to start the transition. This process includes a transition meeting, evaluations and a meeting to develop an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) if your child's delays may potentially impact his/her education. Your child's EI therapists can help you with transition, participating in the meetings with you. Families can download the resource,  "A Guide to the Individualized Education Program".

Your child's therapy with Pediatric Interactions will continue through EI until the day before his/her 3rd birthday. Many families continue with private therapy to augment school services and target skills that may not be addressed in your child's educational program. Some children may not qualify for services or get as much therapy as necessary from school. Private therapy can continue to address concerns families have about their child's development. Please talk with your child's therapist about the continuation of private therapy. You can also talk with our office manager regarding the billing and scheduling availabilities.  

If you have concerns in the future regarding your child's progress, free developmental and speech/language screenings for children birth to approximately 12 years of age can be scheduled with a licensed and credentialed speech/language pathologist. Screenings may involve caregiver completion of questionnaires and interaction with the child. Families will receive written recommendations, referrals and/or developmental information as appropriate.

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