Denise Figueiredo, OTR/L

About Your Instructor _________________________________

Denise Figueiredo, OTR/L - In 2007 she received the Brain Gym® International award for the Brain Gym® work implemented in Queen Anne’s County Public schools. In addition, she was a recipient of the “2008 Exemplary Program Award” with the Maryland Occupational Therapy Association. Denise currently works in private practice in Annapolis – MD, providing integrative therapies and seminars for all ages. Contact:; or 410-353-6122

Testimonials ___________________________________________________

“Brain Gym 101 increased my awareness of how I feel and how it resonates to others. As a result, it improved my ability to use Balances for myself, my family and the students/staff I work with”. Kerry Viardo, OT

“Denise is a team worker, ready to collaborate with Brain Gym® colleagues to promote her vision of movement as a natural part of every school’s routine. No one will be surprise when she realizes her goal and the map of Maryland shows teachers using Brain Gym® in every county!” Mary Rentschler, Sp. Ed. & Brain Gym® Instructor

“I felt greater ease and peace in the presence of challenging life experiences, and a greater range of choice in action. Denise is a phenomenal teacher!”  Dr. Sharon Montes, M.D.

“The class demonstrations solidified the course info. Also, I really appreciated how Denise allowed the class to run and I was able to reflect on how its form and progress were part of “our” process of learning the material”. Pat Fasick, OT