Thank you to our many amazing families and professionals that have entrusted us to work with their children over the years.

“My daughter started Early Intervention when she was around 19 months. As a mother it was hard to hear that your daughter has a delay in speech. After working with (my therapist) for the past year, my daughter has made leaps and bounds. I am forever grateful to (my therapist) for helping (my daughter) catch up to her peers. (My therapists) is always there to answer my questions, or explain something further. I really appreciate her effort and her gentle push with (our daughter).”

“Our therapists are awesome! Two of my grandchildren have used the services and I have a 3rd that still is in therapy and I honestly don’t’ know what would have happened if I had not found Pediatric Interactions. I tell everyone how great you are. They even backed me while trying to get my granddaughter in early education. You all are such a blessing keep up the good work. By the way did I tell you we have an awesome group of therapists?”

“It may have only been (My’ child’s) second appt with (My therapist), but I just want to thank you for making him feel so comfortable and excited to come! Her knowledge and suggestions have been exactly what we were looking for...so THANK YOU! ”

“Thank you for all your help and willingness to work with our hectic schedule. Our daughter always felt cared for and comfortable during her therapy sessions.”

“(My child’s therapist) and the group is fantastic. (Our therapist) is great with her techniques and wanting parents to know what she is doing and how she is working on the goals. Thanks!”

"Tell Sarah I'm super thankful to have had this opportunity today (parent education workshop) and to keep them coming!”

Yelp Reviews

"My youngest two have speech and communication delays. We tried every game, song, every learning tool we could get our hands on. We tried making structured schedules and thoroughly immersing the kids in activities and outings. Nothing we did worked, nothing helped them go further. PI is an amazing place where amazing things happen. I have seen my kids blossom and grow more than I could have thought possible in a few months. Everyone here is amazing, there are no other words. I cant wait to see where the rest of this journey takes them and us as a family!", Jen S. 3/15/2016

"We went to PI for a 2nd opinion after my son was diagnosed with a speech delay at a local hospital.  Within the first appointment, Ms. Lane thoroughly assessed him utilizing several different assessment tools to determine his current level of ability.  She did in fact confirm my feelings/thoughts about his current services & plan- neither were accurate.  He loves going to see her and has made tremendous gains in communication.", MiaLynn B. 5/6/2015

Google Reviews

"I've been extremely impressed with Sarah and the entire staff at PI. The fact that they always put the family's needs first and really care.", Jim Starwalt, July 10, 2015

"I've really enjoyed working with Sarah Rosten and her team at Pediatric Interactions. They have a wealth of great information and services for helping my kids. I'd recommend going here for your children if you're near the Lake County area.: J Brady, April 18, 2014

BirdEye Reviews

"They offer a lot of interventions and expert advice. They are child centered. Teacher recommended!", Wayne Lee, 7/20/16

"Best place ever! Thao is the best therapist! She helped my daughter Brooklyn come a long way with her speech. I'm sad that today was the last session as she will be turning 3 Saturday.", Kimberly McBride, 9/6/16

"My son sees Brittany thru EI and he loves her soo much...we recently started him in Monkey Group thru her office in Greyslake and he's adapting well...we also are excited for Baby Sing and Sign to start up again :-)", Tracy Christine, 9/17/15

Great place, amazing people, warm environment., Lauryn Michelle Theisen, 9/17/14

FaceBook Comments:

We love working with Pediatric Interaction. They are easy to work with (even send text reminders), have a nice facility, and we looove our therapist! (Ms. Thao) They host lots of extra educational and fun activities too, and are very involved in the community (we loved their table at Grayslake trick-or-treating with inclusive goodies for all). Highly recommended! 3/1/19
— Kelli Jagmin
We love Pediatric Interactions and they also do other activities for engaging the kids.  2/18/19
They are all great therapists! Will also do a free screening and determine if early intervention is an option. 2/18/19
Highly recommend Pediatric Interactions I have twin boys who both go there. They were non verbal and had eating issues. They now have a few speech delays, but otherwise are doing great! 2/5/19
 Another vote for pediatric interactions! 2/5/19
My boys are so lucky to have worked with many of the skilled providers here including Miss Anne, Miss Allyssa, Miss Marni, and Miss Lindsey! Professional, compassionate, and so caring! We continue to see so much growth and progress! 8/1/18
— Adriana Argueta

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