Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

Fall is officially upon us and pumpkin spice is everywhere! Join us this month as we explore different activities that can be done with pumpkins! 

Arts and Crafts 
-Keep an eye on our FaceBook page all month for great pumpkin craft ideas! 
Sensory Exploration 
-Scooping out gooey pumpkin insides can be a great way to explore our different senses! Talk to your child about what they see, smell, feel, and hear. 
-There are so many pumpkin foods you can try this month! Pumpkin pie, bread, ice cream, pasta sauce, etc. What are your favorites? 
-Cooking can be a great way to spend quality time your your child, so put on an apron and get ready to create a culinary masterpiece! 
-Have each person in the family guess how many seeds are in a pumpkin and then count together 
-Read pumpkin themed books this month. Check out your local library to find some!! 

More online activities: 

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Thanks to Lindsey Fry, SLP, for sharing these activities/resources