Packing Lunch for School


It is easy to fall into a lunch rut and pack the same things each day or to rely on prepackaged foods that can be expensive. Taking a 3 step approach can help provide variety as well as balanced, healthy lunches that kids will actually eat! There are so many reusable storage items available for lunches that can keep your masterpieces looking great until lunch. Reusable containers can often be easier for kids to open instead pre-portioned snack bags such as chips. Thermoses give a great opportunity for warm meals instead of the typical cold lunch (see "Lunch Helpers"). 

Step 1: Pick a main dish! 
Lunch meat and cheese roll ups 
Lettuce wraps 
Mac & cheese 
Hard boiled eggs 
Hummus and pita bread 
Waffles as bread with sunbutter and jelly for a twist on the classic sandwich 
Croissant sandwich with pepperoni or sausage and marinara dipping sauce 
Sausage, cheese and crackers 

Step 2: Pick 2 sides and don’t forget dipping sauces! 
Vegetable kabobs 
Bread sticks with spreadable cheese 
Corn chips and bean dip 
Seeds such as pumpkin and shelled sunflowers 
Cucumbers with cream cheese 
Pasta salad 
Kale chips 
Pickled vegetables 

Step 3: Pick a treat 
Fruit with a twist such as strawberries and blueberries with a spoonful of whip cream 
Yogurt with granola 
Dried fruit 
Sweet bread 
Chocolate covered pretzels 

Lunch Helpers

Bento containers and lunch boxes

Thermos Mugs/Tumblers
Reusable Sandwich Bags 

Reusable Snack Bags

Written by: Deanna Riggs, MS, CCC-SLP/L