Building Language with Hot Cocoa

Fun winter activities are a great way to build your child’s language skills and build memories! With a single activity you can work on building vocabulary, following directions and target sounds. 

Build Vocabulary: 
Nouns- cup, milk, chocolate, spoon, marshmallow, , microwave
Adjectives- hot, sweet, liquid, yummy
Verbs- stir, drink, pour, heat, mix

Following Directions: work through the steps to make hot cocoa. Use pictures or written directions as needed

Target Speech Sounds: this can be a fun way to practice sounds your child has difficulty with. /s/- stir, sip, sweet, marshmallows, spoon


-Warm Chocolate: (Includes Game & Recipe) (Flitzy Books Rhyming)

-The Sweet Story of Hot Chocolate! (History of Fun Stuff)

-Snow Monsters Do Drink Hot Chocolate (The Bailey School Kids Junior Chapter Book, 9)