Got Water...

Summer is in full swing! How have you been spending your time? We have been trying to check items off our summer bucket list. This can be a great way to get outside and burn some energy off. Here are some ideas for different ways to incorporate water play this summer: 

--Go to the Beach!- Pack up the sand toys and head out. Build sand castles, play in the water, go on a scavenger hunt, read a good book, throw a ball or frisbee, etc. 
--Sprinkler- Target gross motor skills; running and jumping. Build descriptive language skills; wet/dry, fast/slow, up/down. 
--Water Table- There are many commercially available water tables available, but empty bowls and bins work great too! Add some plastic toys, sponges and cups for hours of fun. 
--Washing the car- talk about multitasking…. You can spend time having fun with your kids AND get your car cleaned. 
--Gardening- Get out the hose and water your plants and flowers. If your child doesn’t enjoy getting wet give him/her a spray bottle or watering can. 

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Written by Lindsey Fry, MA, CCC-SLP/L