Get Ready for School...It's Only July?!?!

With summer in full swing, it's time to starting thinking about.... going back to school. Crazy, right?!? While we are currently basking in playing outside, eating popsicles and staying up a little later than we should, buses, backpacks, and packing lunches is right around the corner.

Start talking about it- setting the expectation for the transition that is coming can go a long way in helping it go smoothly. Check out your local library for books about going back to school!
Get supplies- school supply shopping was always one of my favorite back to school activities. If you haven't already ordered a school supply box form your child's school, set aside some time to get this done. Planning a special "date" can make this exciting rather than just another thing to check off your to do list.
Plan a lunch menu- Get your kid(s) involved in coming up with lunch ideas can help everyone be part of the process. This might help ensure your kid(s) is actually eating what you pack.
Start going to bed/waking up earlier- This can go a long way in making the transition back to school go smoother for everyone. Work on getting back into the routine of everyone going to bed and getting up on time. It can help by doing it in 10-15 minute increments.
"Homework"- There are tons of online resources and books/workbooks you can get for your kid(s) over the summer to help prevent the "summer slide." Start doing just a little "homework" each day to get them used to it again. This could be a workbook, science experiment, spelling or math games, etc.

Be sure to enjoy the summer days you have left! Get out there and get your bucket list item checked off. See our Facebook posts this month as other families share their back to school tips.

Written by: Lindsey Fry, Speech/Language Pathologist