Cleaning Tips, Tricks and Hacks

With the joys of the holidays also comes the stress of hosting events and having people over more frequently than usual for many. While we LOVE the holidays and spending time with family and friends, hosting events can make us feel a little overwhelmed with the cleaning and prep that has to happen beforehand. Tune in all month long for tips, tricks and hacks for cleaning!! Share your ideas on our FaceBook page!

Cleaning the bathroom ( 
Use 1 cup blue Dawn dish soap and 1 cup white vinegar, spray on tub and leave for one hour before you rinse and you're DONE! - Deanna 

I taught my boys at very young age to wipe pee from toilet rim, it helped with aim so they didn't have to wipe it off. - Jill 

A good old squeegee and a home made shower spray. Everyone uses it after they shower, I don't have to scrub showers out each week -Sara 

I use baking soda to clean my kitchen appliances to get grease and oil off -Thao 

1. Use a spray bottle and make a 1:1 ratio of blue dawn and hydrogen peroxide to use as stain spray 
2. For chocolate, turn garment inside out and rinse with hold water so it doesn't set into the fabric but rather rinses away - Lindsey 

Keeping the bugs away 
Putting a few drops of peppermint essential oil on a wet paper towel and wiping along the floor by my front door kept ants away after they had gotten in. - Gretchen 

Clean a room a day or do a task a day, so you don't have to spend so much time cleaning in a single day (e.g., bathrooms on Monday, sweeping on Tuesdays, etc.) -Thao 

Our Roomba has been a great way to keep on top of the crumbs and dog hair. We can program it ahead of time or start it when we're leaving the house or going to bed so that the vacuuming is done with the push of a button -Lindsey 

This was my grandmother's cleaning hack...... 
1) Put Pine-Sol onto clean rag 
2) Rub rag along tops of door jams 
What's that do??????? Makes it smell like you have been cleaning. - Kathy 

Less is more 
Let it go! Get rid of the stuff you don't use, you will feel much lighter. -Jill 

Young Living Thieves cleaner 100% plant- and mineral-based ingredients, so non toxic and safe for my family. It’s cost effective because you can dilute with water can clean surfaces in any room and can even add to carpet/steam cleaner - Sarah 

Norwex Envirocloth and Window cloths. Have you heard of the “chicken” and “butter” tests? These made me a believer. Because of the microfibers and silver, the Envirocloth can move up to 99% of bacteria from surfaces with using only the cloth and water. These are great for also wiping little faces/hands without chemicals. Use the Envirocloth to remove dirt from windows/mirrors and then use the window cloth to dry and your window/mirror will be clean and STREAK FREE! No more smelly windex, paper towels or newspaper mess! - Sarah 

Let someone else do it 
When all else fails, hire a cleaning lady! Having a cleaning lady 

come once a month has been a game changer. It allows me to "invest" in spending more time with my family by having the deep cleaning done for me. -Lindsey 

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